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Dance has been a part of Emily (Wheeler) Sullivan’s life since she was a youngster, “I always felt comfortable in the studio and gained self-confidence through dance.” Emily dreamed of owning and running a studio but didn’t feel like it would be a reality. When she and husband Dan were looking for a photography studio, however; she learned the previous building owners were discontinuing dance classes in Osceola.
Thinking about Osceola losing a dance studio made her sad, and she was determined to make her dream real. After getting a plan together, she convinced Dan it was a good idea to ‘jump-in head first’, and Emily was teaching classes within a year! Her ambitious teaching schedule includes ballet, tap, jazz, pom and movement to children ages 18 months to 18 years.
Emily chose this path because she has fun, “I want the dancers to have fun but also learn.” She believes dance is a great outlet for self-expression and wants kids to leave each class feeling great about themselves. The dance studio is a community the students can depend on and return, because they feel a sense of accomplishment as they improve techniques.
During instruction, Emily incorporates games and songs. She takes music requests from students to help them feel part of the creative process. She says in this age of ‘screen time,’ dance is a great way for kids to be active.
Emily loves teaching for several reasons:
• It’s different every day and a great creative outlet
• Interacting with students, hearing their stories and learning their points of view
• Watching students grow as human beings and dancers, and seeing their faces light up when they finally master a technique.
Studio 201 has something for everyone. Recently, Emily hired an instructor to teach hip hop, ballroom, and competition team. (She says Ballroom lessons would be a good date night.)
On the other end of the age scale, there is a movement class for ages 18 months to four years, Fridays at 11AM. Songs and props, including balloons, shakers, scarves, tunnels and balance beams help little ones develop large motor skills, listening and social skills.
Most of Emily and Dan’s families live in or near Osceola, and she says her support system is great- it requires a lot of help and cooperation for dance recitals. And, one last thing: Dance is not just for girls, “boys can dance too,” stated Emily, mother of three boys.

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Business Spotlight - Studio 201Studio 201 Business Spotlight
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